Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beauty Boxes? Yay or nay?

I subscribed to quite a few beauty boxes. I guess you could say I got curious when i heard about them.

They're pretty good if you like the beauty products section and a nice little treat every month.

I'm not a big beauty product fan, but I do like the odd bits like bath stuff, eyeliner pens, lip glosses and balms, body lotions where as if I get hand / foot or other body creams I tend to offer them to my mum as that has always been something she looked for. 

We got a Lulu time bomb cream sample in one box, and my mum went out and bought the full size product in day AND night cream as she was delighted.

 I cancelled glossybox, because there was a lot of bits that didnt suit me or my mum but I will keep an eye out on each months and if I like one, I will buy it.

I'm subscribed to Carmine, Feel Unique, JolieBox, She Said Beauty.
Unfortunately Feel Unique is no more though

I do think they're a good idea, even to share amongst the family, because with them combined you'll get a good mix of products and if they aren't to your taste, just share them or get your family to buy them either or.

Heres the links for them : 

And heres Glossybox if you want a nosey at that.