Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Some Online Bargain Buys!!

Now, I'll be totally honest and say I haven't got much to show since I bought a new laptop, dads birthday stuff and treated my mum a bit so its not all that exciting. Although I do have a small superdrug order on the way, mainly due to the fact I needed nail varnish remover but couldnt help myself from ordering some other things as well.

I also have 1kg of coconut oil on the way that I bought on ebay as I'm planning on putting coconut oil on my hair in baths to see if it improves my hair and scalp. Yes, 1kg may seem like a lot to try out but if it doesn't work out for my hair I can always use it when making bath stuff :D 

Anyway, here are some of my recent online bargain buys: 

1. Mini Sugar Panda Tin £1.70  

 As you can see, I use it to store some of my jewellery making stuff like pendant bails, jump rings, earring backings. It's ideal for that! 

You can buy the tin here:

They send at random, but I asked for either the panda or the bear one and I got the panda so I'm sure if you ask nicely, they will send the one you want!


2. Boot Laces.. 99p! 
I ended up buying two of these, my cats play with my laces so they do get worn out easily. 99p was a bargain. Mum tried to get boot laces in shops for me outside but they were trying to charge her a couple of pound for one pair so she told her no and she'd get them elsewhere, so 99p for one pair with free postage is definitely a bargain.

You can get them here: 


3. Four Replica Fragrances By Perfume Oil Boutique. £5.50 each with postage combined to £2.65.

Two are womens scents and two are mens. Female scents are Y.S.L - Belle D'Opium & Dior - Midnight Poison and male scents are D&G - Masculine & Dior - Fahrenheit as you can see from above photos. All were for me as I like mixed scents. What jumped out at me first about these replicas were that all ingredients used were NATURAL. Now I know a lot of cosmetics and fragrances don't have all natural ingredients so it's great that these did. I do not own the originals, far too expensive for me so I would never buy them, however.. I do like the smells from all of these. Some are still available for sale as well as a lot of other replicas on their ebay page. As you can see I've already tried them all and find the smells last a good while. These will certainly last me a long time. Not bad for £24.65 including postage. 

You can buy them here: 

What they are selling is their last stock, once they are gone.. That's it. They're gone. So if you buy something and like it, be sure to stock up!


4. Stickers! 4 Packs for 39p.  I won 8 packs total in 2 auctions on eBay both 39p each so total was 78p for all the stickers

Close ups of stickers in lot 1. I only took 3 photos as one of the packs I had two of.

 Close up photos. Again one of the packets I had two of.

 I know the first lot of stickers are Tinkerbell stickers, as for the 2nd batch I have no idea although I bidded on these as I write penpal letters and these will get used in my letters to make them look nice and less boring! 


5. Shamballa Bracelet - Won for 71p in an auction and came from China. What a bargain!

Anyway! That's my recent bargains. 

Hope you liked my post ^_^