Saturday, 23 June 2012

Worn Out

Not posted any blog posts for a while as ive been totally worn out! Been helping a friend in time of need and forgetting about anything i need - including eating and sleep! not good anytime i try to eat now i can only eat a little, but at the end of the day ive done a good thing.

Woke up twice through the night with my cat spyro sneaking under the covers to cuddle up , shes too cute , she did the same to mum through the night - blaze just slept at the bottom of the bed and then wandered about a bit but she can be a little softie too wanting hugs! 

Been awake since 8am , didnt get to sleep until about half 1 an woke up a few times but usually i only get about an hour sleep so slept a bit more, was needing it though!

just bought myself two pairs of shoes and a top online with the money i had left until thursday, wont be needing it for anything and felt like treating myself - didnt spend much though but still something. 

Think ill be buying some white hot chocolate later this week - been wanting some for ages!