Sunday, 20 May 2012

Thank You Beauty Boxes!!

I've been receiving a lot of organic products lately / vegan products and to be honest im delighted. Received a perfume sample recently and its the only one I've actually wanted to try from a beauty box, Kim Kardashian - and I went and bought it! Love the smell, and decided I prefer roll on perfumes so bought some plastic roll on perfume vials 10ml, so any perfumes i have i will be putting some of them in the roll on perfume vials instead of spray bottles! I dont really have many but i do have Rush Hour, Cool Girl (got in a shop for £1 but smells nice), Sex In The City minatures from a set my mum gave me and now Kim Kardashian has been added to the collection of very little perfumes! I am extremely fussy with perfumes so wont be filling up many roll on perfume vials! 

With beauty boxes I've also been able to share some stuff with my mum which has been great, she deserves a little treat too!!